Thursday, March 19, 2009

I am currently training at my new job at Babies R Us. The surrounding of this job place is entirely different then any other place I can Imagine. The atmosphere of the job as well as the people at the job are very friendly and straight forward. We help customers with what they are looking for and there needs. We get all sorts of customers from moms to dads to grandparents, aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters and even friends. Its the world of the Little's ones in my eyes. We help accomplish the goals and the dreams of the family's towards the new guest as well as including there safety. We have a more percentage of moms coming into the store to shop then any other number. There ideal image of the baby's room and what they want we apply our knowledge and experience to there needs as of there image. We allow the moms to breast feed there kids anywhere they feel like in the store we are not allowed to stop them though we do have a special room for there needs such as changing, nursing or anything they want. We always have little ones running around all over the place so we have to be extra careful and be friendly with them because even if they are little ones there still our guest and we have to provide them with the same respect. Working in Babies R Us is just a different experience work base and life base. If some one loves babies or kids this would be a nice job for them to look forward to. They just put a different kind of smile on every ones face and they don't even know it.